Our South African Board went flying.  The chairman, marketing and finance directors had a delightful time in our helicopter.

The South African Board

The South African Board meets

The South African Board meets with guests

Our South African Board is a hugely important part of our work.  Their network, their vision and their commitment are a key part of us delivering on our commitments to you.

The team has great heart.  They bring finance and marketing skills to the skills of the CEO.

We salute them.

John and Debbie Brand

Debbie has extensive marketing experience. She has also been a Personal Assistant to leaders of organizations.  This gives her great perspectives on how the organization should evolve.  Also she helps ensure we keep to the vision.   Just great. So she has been our Chairman since January 2013.

John is a financial practitioner.   His finance skills are essential to our successful start-up.  he also has a great heart for the disadvantaged of the region.  He used his vacations to work in Swaziland for many years.

Associates to the South African Board

Associate to the South African Board

Marlene Shipton with ZS-HPU

We have two great supporters for the Board.  They are Andrew and Marlene Shipton.

Marlene is an experienced Company Secretary.  She is also an intercessor and we value her prayers and insights.  She has been the ‘front office’ for a South African service company for the last few years.

South African Board associate Andrew Shipton

Andrew Shipton with Buzz Bezuidenhout – taking his ATPL(H)

Andrew is a helicopter pilot.  Recently he has driven himself to achieve the highest qualification as a Commercial Pilot.  He achieved his Air Transport Pilot’s Licence in June 2012.  He took the test with one of the legends of South African aviation.  Buzz Bezuidenhout is a well known figure for stetting very high standards.  Well done Andrew.

This team is helping drive our South Africa work forward.  Thank you all.