In 2013, flying cargo was an important role for our helicopter.  We did plenty.

Flying cargo in 2013

Flying cargo in 2013

Flying cargo in the 2013 disaster zone

The most important flying cargo in 2013 was food supplies.   This was for disaster relief in Mozambique.  We were asked to respond by Wings Like Eagles.  We flew to Maputo the capital.   We were given clearance by the IACM aviation authority.  We were also asked to fly by the INGC disaster response authority.

As a result we flew to the disaster region.  It was in the Limpopo river valley, near Xia-Xia.  The airfield was on the high ground near the upper town.  The flying cargo was food supplies: oil, sugar and salt.  Helicopter surveys locate the places where material are needed.  We did surveys too.

The Sphere project has established guidelines for the nutritional needs of people after disasters.   It is in their handbook.  The local staff of the INGC makes the decisions. They decide which cargoes go where.  Bigger helicopters are better for big cargoes.  But our helicopter can lift smaller flying cargoes.

These cargoes save lives.  Why not look at our video doing that?  Or contact us with your questions.

Flying cargoes – non disaster work

There are other important cargoes.  You may have something important to move.  Privately.  We are not going to say what we fly.  It may be a very high value part for some important mining equipment.  It may be something else.  Please do not waste your time or ours with something dubious.  Also if you are thinking of something please consult this list.  Aviation cargoes are heavily regulated.  There are also international conventions on what we can fly.

Other sorts of flying cargo

Our helicopter has all the fitments to carry external loads too.

Air cargo - under slung

Flying cargo under slung

She has done it before. For our flood response in 2007.  Flying cargoes under slung is an art. It needs good pilots.  Good teamwork.  And proper preparation.

It also has special insurance requirements.  So we may need a bit of notice if we are to do it.  Please contact us to discuss that.

Thank you.  Helicopters give your cargoes access almost right to the point of need.  Almost where ever it is.  Nothing else can do that.