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Services from WLE Logistics are many and varied.  They depends on your requirements.

Our services - lease a helicopter for work in Southern Africa

Our doors are open to you

Our services are as flexible as a helicopter!

We have  a Jet Ranger helicopter and can match you quickly with pilots and operators who can deliver for you.  Why not check its capabilities?

Our services include:

  • VIP travel – to help your key people travel efficiently to your locations.
  • Aerial Surveys – to help you identify and maintain your business options in Southern Africa.
  • Light cargo – to help get your key items to where you need them.

Why not Contact Us and see how we can help?

Our services - consulting

Our chief consultant Adrian Nance

If you are not sure if our services are a good match for your needs, why not investigate our consulting service.

Other helicopter services

However, Jet Rangers are not suitable for several tasks. Our consulting service can link you with people with other helicopters, that may be more local to your needs.

Our experience

If you see that our services fit a helicopter your needs, then we are really happy to help.  We have most experience in delivering helicopter solutions to isolated areas.   Why not contact us?

services - pilot advice

Andrew Shipton in the ballcap of one of our clients

Our helicopter pilot Andrew Shipton has experience of  Bell Jet Ranger, Eurocopter Squirrel B2 and B3, and Bell 407  helicopter.   He has over 2000 hours of flying experience in such countries as Mozambique, Gabon, Zambia and many others.  Andrew is a South African citizen and is one of our key advisors.

We aim to deliver the best solutions to you.  Why not contact us?