Our 2013 VIP flying is summarized to help show what we do.

We do not define our passengers as VIPs only you can do that.   Flying your VIPs is really important to us.  So what are some examples of our experience?

Lost livelihoods - experts can tell

Lost livelihoods? Experts can tell

2013 VIP Flying – World Bank

In the Limpopo floods in Mozambique in February 2013, it was hugely important to target the available funds properly.  One of the biggest investors in Mozambique is the World Bank.  Their country team needed to make an assessment.  When disasters strike sadly it is necessary to reassess the balance between investments in long-term development and those in the immediate need of disaster response.

To make those assessments, members of the World Bank country team need to fly over the disaster scene and make some very tough decisions.  For that assessment, they became VIPs to us.  VIPs to target millions of US Dollars in the most effective way.  We flew them for that.   It multiplied the investment in the charter flight many times over.  We would be delighted to help you do the same.

The Mozambican Minister of the Interior flies with WLE Logistics

The Mozambican Minister of the Interior flies with WLE Logistics

2013 VIP Flying – Interior Minister

We have huge respect for the Governments of the countries in which we fly.   Sometimes the VIPs of the Governments need to fly to assess the damage done to their countries.  Their assessments can be hugely influential in directing effort to restore schools.  They can  direct funds to restore medical facilities.  They can direct funds to restore security in badly affected areas.

All of that work is what the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Mozambique did.  He flew with us and then went back to report his finding to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

It is a pleasure to serve in this way.  Why not contact us with your VIP flying needs.

2013 VIP Flying – Bridging engineers

The Limpopo River is not just famous because of Rudyard Kipling’s poem.  It is one of the biggest rivers in the world.  It is about 1700 km long and flows normally at about 170 tonnes of water per second.  When rainfall it high this figure can multiply many times.  Theis huge thrust of water can carry away bridges.  Lost bridges isolate communities.  They cut them off from food supplies.  They cut them off from markets for their goods.  They can cut them off from schooling.

So when the bridges are washed away it is hugely important to work out which bridges to restore.  To work out which routes are the most important.   To work out how best to move the people and resources.

All these assessments were made by key brodgeing




Our team for 2013 VIP flying

Andrew Shipton was our pilot.  Clive Langmead was our ground coordinator.  Sergio Ido was our local liaison officer, with the language skills and the local aviation expertise to make the wheels run smoothly.