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Our fleet is just one helicopter at the moment.

She is a Bell Jet Ranger.  But we can help you charter most other helicopter types.  Why not contact us?

Access to other helicopters

Those types cover most helicopter charter needs in Southern Africa.   We may need to check to whether other types are available, but why not ask us?

Why a Jet Ranger in our fleet?

A helicopter we have worked with - courtesy of Mercy Air

A Squirrel helicopter we have worked with – courtesy of Mercy Air

In 2008, we conducted a survey of the flying conditions in Mozambique.  We flew 3200 kilometers from South Africa up to the Zambezi River.  And we did it in a chartered Robinson R44.  We found all sorts of issues first hand:

  • There is a shortage of fuel for the R44 which uses AVGAS not Jet A1.
  • Light winds hindered our progress.
  • There were no servicing places for the helicopter.

So we decided that our fleet needed a light turbine helicopter.  The Bell Jet Ranger is part of most operators’ fleets in Southern Africa.

  • It is simple to maintain and there is a maintenance outlet in Mozambique
  • It uses fuel that is widely available
  • It is highly cost effective for its capabilities.

We think the Jet Ranger continues to offer you excellent capabilities and very good value for your money.