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A survey is an essential part of building a good business.  It helps you make good choices.  It  can help you provide a reliable service.  Helicopter surveys are highly flexible, especially when access is difficult.

Visual surveys

Surveys to support you in Southern Africa

Surveys to support you in Southern Africa

Most surveys in Africa are done visually.  This includes most post disaster surveys, surveys for power lines and many gas lines.  Sometimes the pilot does the work, but most often a specialist is needed.  Your specialist knows your needs and can advise the pilot so that we can deliver your information needs in the most effective way we can.

Post disaster surveys help target critical aid.  Why not have a look at our work in the Limpopo Flood in 2013.

In some places helicopters are used in response to theft, visually tracking high value assets.

Unsure of your needs? Why not contact us?  We are very happy to advise.

Pylon Surveys

Africa is electrifying.  You may want to see how to deliver new power lines. Why not contact us?

Surveys with specialized equipment

Some surveys are highly specialized.  They need under slung specialist equipment.  Our pilots have experience of that sort of flying.  You may have such equipment.  If so we will need to see the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to fly it.  You may need help to find the STC why not try this link?  It may be that the weight or the electrical power requirements force the employment of a type of helicopter that we do not own.  Why not contact us to explain what you want?