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WLE Logistics is about speeding helicopters to disasters, as a result we can do so much more for you.

Our skills make our people fast, efficient and flexible for all your helicopter flying needs in Southern Africa.  We are about delivering chartered helicopters to your requirements in South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana.

The WLE Logistics’ team first met whilst helping with the flood disaster in Mozambique in 2007, when they flew a helicopter over 1600 km from Tanzania, to conduct surveys and lift about 6 tons of aid for needy people on the Zambezi in Mozambique.  Helicopters continue to have incredible utility in disasters.

Born as an international company, building on those lessons, WLE Logistics Ltd was registered in UK in the summer of 2008, after its team had flown a feasibility survey of nearly 5,000 km over South Africa and Mozambique mostly in an Robinson R-44 helicopter in January 2008.  Years of visits and exploration followed until they flew some 2,700 kilometers bringing a Jet Ranger from Tanzania to South Africa in May 2011.  Why not look at our mission and values?

Armed with about 8,000 km of helicopter flying experience in summer and winter, WLE Logistics’ Southern African affiliate started in September 2011. It bought a Jet Ranger helicopter in April 2012, and imported it into South Africa that June; quickly establishing the insurance, engineering and operating links to fly there.  This helicopter is now available for charter.  Why not contact us?

The UK company team responded to the floods in Mozambique in February 2013 by building a consortium including the new South African company. Then it deployed a team of two flying the helicopter from South Africa to Xai-Xai, Mozambique collecting our Mozambican liaison colleague, a linguist and a supporter, on the way.  Between them they flew VIPs and engineers for surveys. They also flew aid cargo to sustain the lives of some of the 170,000 affected by the floods of the huge Limpopo River.  Why not look at their video of what we did?  Or read how they produced a return of  998 times the costs!

In 2014 and 2015, the disaster in southern Africa was a famine.  Helicopter have real utility in disasters, but if the roads are open, it’s far cheaper to deliver stores by road.  So the helicopter flew crop spraying missions to make more food in the region.  Why not look at their achievements?

In 2016, there was no major call for the helicopter.  Sadly this was just as well, because one of our skilled pilots achieved a hot start on the turbine and we spent some time sorting out the insurance and getting the helicopter flying again.  We believe we learn from all that comes our way and so we publish the lessons we learned from this challenging time too.

In 2016 and 2017 the major disaster in southern Africa was a drought. So rather than sending a helicopter that they couldn’t use, we sent the funds for the installation of 10 pumps in central Mozambique, where the drought was bad and where we had a trusted conduit for needy communities to get the aid.  That way, there is a more permanent solution for the most needy all the year around.

Why not look at our results?