Fine-tuning how we soar on Wings Like Eagles (WLE)!

Imagine having a view like this!

That’s the utility of a helicopter in disasters.  A bird’s eye view!

And it does more – any aircraft can give you that view, including drones.  The extra utility of helicopters in disasters allows you to drop down and pick up people or drop off much needed life-support.  Like this.

2013-02-16 13.32.10  This is what we do.

That’s why the utility of helicopters in disasters features in this summary of the work of helicopters in 2017 in the media.  They note that:

2017 had the worst storms on record.  2017 had strong earthquakes.  2017 saw 3 million acres of wildfires in Canada with 154 helicopters responding.

Thanks for your continued interest in our work.

Vertical flight saves lives during 2017 natural disasters