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Adrian Nance - our CEO, UK team leader - honoured by his Head of State for leadership in complex emergencies

Adrian Nance – our CEO, honoured by his Head of State for leadership in complex emergencies

Our UK team is a secret of how we deliver solutions to you.

Leading our UK team

Adrian Nance is the leader of our UK team.

Adrian has 33 years of experience of complex emergencies.  He served in the front line in four defensive wars.  He defended two countries against invasion.  He defended the neutral shipping of the Gulf against all attacks in the Iran-Iraq tanker war.  As a Commanding Officer, he was honoured by his Head of State for leadership and for the employment of helicopters in defence of  Kuwait.  These experiences help him to advise you about disaster response.

He then worked in writing British naval doctrine for the post Cold War era.  This addressed such modern issues as piracy, peace support and humanitarian operations.  His training as a Chemical Engineer from one of the top UK Universities also helps.  He has a background in disaster avoidance and disaster response.

Adrian commanded seven times.  He was three times invited to train the Royal Navy’s commanding officers.  He commanded the largest and newest frigate squadron in the Navy.  He also commanded the aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL.  Ashore, he was responsible (in the Ministry of Defence) for Tri-Service Communications and for Rules of Engagement.  In this job he oversaw the lessons learned from UK military operations, one of which was the flood in Mozambique in 2000.

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