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Our mission and values motivate us in serving you.

Our mission

Getting helicopters ‘faster to disasters’ is what drives us to serve you.

All of our operations team is experienced in providing tailored support to complex operations.

Mission delivered - food delivered in 2013

The front end – food delivered in 2013

  • Complex operations require a flexible and efficient response.
  • Complex operations require us to mirror the commitment you show in driving to the solution that you are seeking.
  • Complex operations require us to show integrity so we aim not to make promises we can’t keep.
  • But complex operations require us to focus on air safety so you do not have to, you can focus on your mission.
  • That is how we deliver.  As a team we have over 70 years of experience doing it.

Our values

If you understand our mission, our values will not surprise you : are Safety, Commitment, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Mission delivered - happy people in disaster times

The right answer – happy people in disaster times

Our mission and values go together

Our values drive how we conduct ourselves.  Our mission shapes the values we need.  That way we deliver what you need for your mission.

That is the right way to beat the problem, and for all of us to enjoy the moment: as these people are.  They are some of the 170,00 affected by the Limpopo floods in 2013.

Why not contact us and see how we can help you with your mission?

That is not the first time, nor the only time we have done what we said we would do.  Our team has been doing this for decades.  We may have started in  Southern Africa in the 2007  floods in Mozambique, but we have been part of disaster response for over half a million affected people.