Reputation boosts come in many forms.

Reputation boost from our insurers

In our case, the latest is from our insurance brokers.  The Aircraft Risk Company (ARC) has added us to their Heliclub.  As a result we have a better insurance cover.  We also  secured a reduction of about 20% for 2015. This reputation boost is bankable! It confirms our core values of Safety, Commitment, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.  Why not contact us and we can introduce you to ARC.  They may be able to help you too!

Reputation boost despite higher risks

This reputation boost is despite much higher risk operations in 2014.  You will recall we were crop-spraying.   This is much more demanding than normal charter operations.  We do those too.  Maybe we can help you with disaster response, surveys, light cargoes and VIP flying.  Please let us know.

In 2014, we took those higher risks.  And they were properly managed.   So we got a delightful reputation boost.  Why not look at how our values can serve you, and see if we have a match?  If we can help you, feel free to contact us.

Reputation boost despite much higher flying rates

Our winning combination was Helitractor‘s pilot Eugene Kalafatis, with the great oversight of King Shaka‘s operations team.

They helped us multiply our annual flying by about 7 times.  We thank them for all this.


I am not sure you can get a win-win-win-win, but this must be like it.  Better cover, cheaper, having done more flying and at higher risk.  Result!  Why not contact us and see if we can help you too.