Great insurance is a key to our business.

The Aircraft Risk Company has exceeded itself – yet again. For the third year running, they have delivered great insurance cover – this time for 2016 –  increasing the cover, which benefits all our clients; and reducing the premium, which helps all of us.  Keep it up!

Great insurance helps you too!

It reassures you that we meet all the legal requirements required to keep you covered, and you delivers great value for money.  So it attracts great clients!

Here are two great clients.  Here our pilot Andrew Shipton is requalifying as the most advanced type of helicopter pilot with one of the most experienced helicopter pilots in Southern Africa.  Modesty prevents us telling you who…. but contact us if you need to know!

Why not use our helicopter’s great insurance?

Based on these great clients, why not use our helicopter?  Based in Durban for now, but available across Southern Africa!   Either use our helicopter, or other helicopters for personal charter or corporate contract.

To use this great helicopter why not contact us or link up with our current flying coordinator King Shaka Aviation directly?

Then you can be one of our great clients too, and have the pleasure of seeing the amazing countries of Southern Africa by air!