Fine-tuning is what we have done as we enter 2015.  We are so glad.

Our new Accountants have made this possible.

  • We are VAT registered.
  • We add to the South Africa economy.  And…
  • We govern ourselves even more in line with the South African rules.

Trailblazers are award wining accountants – lead by Brandon and Jae. Meet Brandon on Linked in.  They can help your fine-tuning too!

Fine-tuning in 2014

This fine-tuning means we have caught up on some big issues for the helicopter.  We had highly professional work on her air-frame last summer.  By using her regularly we have cleared some of the niggling defects that affected us in 2013.  We know even more people across South Africa so we can even better sustain our operations.  Great news!

Fine-tuning in 2015

This year we focus on the steps needed to take us forward.

This is hugely important. How we:

  • Value the helicopter.
  • Get our input VAT back.  This makes us more flexible.
  • Get back the import tax we paid to bring the helicopter into the South Africa. And…
  • Revise the Board of Directors and make it more inclusive and more skilled.

Exciting times, all through fine-tuning!

Fine-tuning the detail

We have also updated our computer accounting to SAGE PASTEL. This should help all our clients.  Better billing.  Better referencing.  It also means we can provide better data to our pilots. We aim to use it to allow us better to serve you.

These changes may take a bit of time to bed in, but we are excited to be on the way.

If you want to talk about how we work with Trailblazers, why not contact us?  We would be delighted to speak to you.