The techies who follow us like to know the details!

Some people follow us to see how we do things! We call them ‘the techies’! Sorry if that is you….  but if you are a techie, then this page is for you!

The techie bits of a helicopter engine

A helicopter engine comes in three parts: a compressor on the front that gets the air up to the right pressure.  This is just the same as a turbo charger on a car, higher pressure air burns more fuel and you get more power.

The next techie bit is the turbine.  The front end completes the compression and then the engine injects fuel and sets fire to it, taking some power out to drive the compressor and the rest to drive the gearbox.

The final techie bit is the gearbox.  60,000 RPM is reduced to that which can drive the two things that make the helicopter fly – the main rotor that lifts her off the ground, and the tail rotor that keeps her straight.

There are all sorts of other services that come off the engine too – the hydraulics for steering and the generator for electrical power and starting up.

This engine is one of the most popular helicopter engines in history.

And dont forget ours is a straightforward helicopter, there are others that rely far more on complex electronics and displays …..  We like to keep this one simple, because with simplicity comes reliability in the bush!

In 2017 we bought a newer turbine unit to continue so we can better serve you with helicopters!

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