In 2014 helicopter safety is key.   We are continually working on it.   This post shows 3 new areas.

2014 Helicopter Safety – an independent assessment of national standards.  Top marks for South Africa!

In 2014 Helicopter Safety remains a key. It is the first of our values.  So we are delighted the US’s Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has done an assessment by country.  The FAA rates the South African Civil Aviation Authority in its top category.   The International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) is part of the UN.  It sets standards.  The FAA says South Africa is fully compliant.  Great!

The FAA runs a detailed International Aviation Safety Assessment program.  The 2014 helicopter safety mark is part of the overall safety mark.  For South Africa this is Category One.  Top marks!  Many adjacent countries do not yet feature.  We hope the FAA will expand the program.  An independent view of all African states will help you.  The FAA publishes its checklists.  So you can see what is being checked. We hope that gives you confidence in the results.  You can download the results here.

2014 Helicopter Safety – more to be done.  Better altimeters and better practices.

There is no cause to be smug.  The US and the UK are leading a drive to improve 2014 Helicopter Safety.  Accident rates have been climbing over the last 10 years.   New standards have been published for helicopters on charter .

  • They have suggested that operators and owners fit a radio altimeter.
  • They also have suggested that pilots use higher standards in bad weather. This means a better safety margin for you.
2014 Helicopter Safety -

2014 Helicopter Safety – who gets involved? Adrian Nance our CEO

Our Chief Executive and Chief Pilot are discussing how to implement these new ideas.  Then our 36 year old aircraft can be operated even more safely for you.

2014 Aviation Safety - who gets involved?

2014 Aviation Safety – who gets involved? Andrew Shipton in the ballcap of one of our clients

The big effort is with helicopter ambulances.  Even tougher recommendations apply to them.

2014 Helicopter Safety – the quest for better data for pilots

There are also debates about the cockpit instruments.  They tell the pilot about the current state of the helicopter.   They need to be clear.  They also have a part to play in 2014 Helicopter Safety.

We are watching what people think.

If you have any questions about our approach why not contact us?