Lessons Learned - Mozambique 2013 067

The flight team on operations

Lessons learned are really important

We like to follow a ‘lessons learned’ process.

The 2013 lessons were significant for us.  This was our first response operation as WLE Logistics Southern Africa.   The team had all done similar work before, but not under our direction.

This way we can assess how we did against the objectives of our clients.

Andrew Shipton and Clive Langmead joined our 2013 lessons learned review by providing feedback on our flood response.

Lessons learned in the 2013 floods

Lessons learned 2013-02-16 11.16.43

Life saving aid in 2013

Our objectives mirror those of our client, Wings Like Eagles, are to:

  • Save lives – in 2013 we helped save lives by delivering food to villages cut off by floods
  • Right aid to the right people – in 2013 we helped deliver critical food and reassurance to people in great need
    The right aid to the right places

    The right aid to the right places

Access for all – in 2013 we flew bridge surveyors, so they could see what was needed to repair the damaged roads.

There are things we need to do faster if we are to respond in the critical 24-48 hour window when lives are most at risk.

For example, we seek faster access to the UN’s satellite imagery. Then we can be faster in working out where we need to operate.

These require more expensive answers and better networking. We are always working on those!

 Lessons learned – so what have we done?

Lessons learned 2013

Access for engineers to repair broken bridges

Since then we have improved the maintenance state of the helicopter. it was all fine before, but now it is much better….

We have also identified equipment that we need to be more independent in our operations.

We have operated the helicopter in more remote places.

We have not yet found the money to buy more equipment.  But we know what we need.