2013 flood response – the need

2013 Flood response - Moz Op Restore 13

2013 Flood response

In the 2013 ,there was a disaster in Mozambique.  The Limpopo river burst its banks.   Many agencies responded.  In our 2013 flood response, we worked for Wings Like Eagles, a UK charity.  They volunteered a helicopter to help the government.  We provided it.

2013 flood response – the response happened quickly

We built an operations team round Andrew Shipton our Chief Pilot.

2013 flood response

Andrew Shipton in the ballcap of our client – Wings Like Eagles

Andrew has flown in Mozambique a number of times before.  This includes alongside out helicopter in 2007 for the Zambezi flood.  Andrew was flying for NAC then.  he flew the Governor of Tete province.  That helped with disaster assessment.

Clive Langmead - ground coordinator - 2013 flood response

Clive Langmead – ground coordinator – 2013 flood response

Also in the team was Clive Langmead.  he is a Trustee of Wings Like Eagles and also a commercial helicopter pilot. He did ground coordination work.


Another key member of the team was our translator and Mozambican guide – Sergio Ido.  Sergio got our flight clearances.  He is also a native of the Zambezi region and speaks the local languages.  He has been an ally of ours since 2006.

2013 flood response - Sergio Ido

2013 flood response – Sergio Ido – translator and clearances expert

So we built a team, a team targeted to help the flood affected.  If you want to see what they did then look at the video on the Wings Like eagles website here.


What is flood response?

Wings Like Eagles has three parts to its flood response.  Life saving, getting the right aid to the right people and access for all.  In our drive to give best service to our clients, that is what we did for them.

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