Quality maintenance is a key part of our capability.

Our maintenance provider

A busy hangar – Nicholson Helicopters

Maintenance helps us help you.

We have laid our maintenance foundations with Nicholson Helicopters.  They are one of the great Bell Jet Ranger air maintenance organisations in South Africa.

  • They are highly experienced Bell aviation maintenance organisation.
  • Why not check Ian out from his Linked In profile?

We are delighted with the help that Ian and his team gives us.  It helps us to help you.  If you want to check out the helicopter, then why not ring our engineers?

  • Telephone – +27 (0) 11 315 1888.
  • Fax – +27 (0) 11 315 3488.
  • Cell – + 27 (0) 82 492 6686.
  • Ian Nicholson [ian@nicholsonheli.com]

Why not look at our charter options – for your VIP, for your light cargo, or for visual surveys.  These are built on quality maintenance.

Grand Central Airport

  • Nicholson helicopters is based at Grand Central Airport.  This is highly convenient for customers in Johannesburg and in Pretoria.  If you want to charter the helicopter, then please Contact Us.

How we have arranged our maintenance. 

More Bell helicopters under maintenance

Helicopters at Nicholson’s hangar

Nicholson Helicopters has an engineering footprint across Southern Africa.

Initially we restricted our helicopter to be in close contact with our engineers. We did this for the first year so we established a proper maintenance foundation.  This allowed us to see the helicopter’s needs.  Knowing those needs means we can better serve you.

Now we are freer in how we commit the helicopter for charters.  Why not contact us to see how we can help you.

With Nicholson helicopters we are also close to SA CAA.  This proximity to the South African regulator allows us to ensure all our airworthiness documentation is correct.

It also allows us as, the owners, to create the right links for legislative compliance in all aspects of our work.