The helicopter purchase can go ahead now we have a South African company.

Helicopter purchase

The helicopter we purchased on the Tanzanian Registry doing disaster relief in 2007

Helicopter purchase in Tanzania

In May 2012, the CEO flew to Tanzania.  This was to buy the helicopter from Hope of the Nations Tanzania.

We have been in touch with them since 2006.   Their work is impressive and long lasting in that amazing country.

  • The helicopter had been in Tanzania for a long while too.
  • It was maintained in Tanzania by one of our UK directors and then by engineers from NAC South Africa.
  • It was part of HeliMission work’s before working with Hope of the Nations.
  • It was US registered before that.

The helicopter is used to African conditions.  It is used to being at altitude and in hot temperatures.   It is also the right type of helicopter for our work.

Harold Knepper signed over the helicopter in Dar es Salaam in May 2012.  That completed the helicopter purchase.

Helicopter purchase

Harold Knepper signs over the helicopter

It was already in South Africa.  In customs bond.   That signature allowed us to import the helicopter into South Africa. Then we could get it properly inspected for charter operations in South Africa.

We are delighted to acquire it.  Thank you Hope of the Nations.

Then we can use it for charter operations for disaster response.  We can also use it for aerial survey flights, for light cargo and for VIP helicopter charter.