Grand Central Airport (2559S 02816E) is the new home.   Our helicopter went there as soon as she was airworthy.

HPU being checked out on her way to Grand Central

HPU being checked out.

Why Grand Central?  Good maintenance

Grand Central is important for us.  We wish to access really good engineering support. Nicholson Helicopters is our chosen provider.  They service the Bell 407 and Long Ranger helicopters with Eskom Aviation.  Power line work is highly demanding work at high power.  This makes Nicholson experienced with our helicopter.  They also can respond around the region.  This supports our disaster response.

Why Grand Central?  Location

We also like the centrality of Grand Central. It is between Pretoria and Johannesburg.  It is just off the N3 highway.  It has hire car facilities for you.  With Oliver Tambo and GCA are the only airports on the Gautrain network.

We also have links with businesses at Grand Central.  There are flying schools and highly reputable charter organizations there.  Why not Contact us and see how we can help.

Why Grand Central? Flexibility

Grand Central Airport is the closest to the SA CAA.  They are the aviation regulators for our helicopter.  So if we need different approvals for your needs then we can get the regulator’s advice quickly.  Our insurers are also close.  So too are our lawyers.  This all supports one of our core values.  Flexibility.

Service delivery to you

We think we can deliver the most responsive services to you from Grand Central.  Why not check us out.