Presenting Bell Jet Ranger ZS-HPU

Presenting Bell Jet Ranger ZS-HPU

Presenting Bell Jet Ranger ZS-HPU

After many years in Africa, Bell Jet Ranger 2337 has a new registration.  She is ZS-HPU.

We like HPU as a call sign – she has a High Power engine unit, with some 12% power over the norm.  This means she can lift more under many circumstances.  This makes her safer and more capable.

She is a B3 Bell Jet Ranger, and we hope you like the livery.  We selected dark blue because it has a certain style for corporate use, and

What can a Jet Ranger do?

Our Jet Ranger can:

  • Carry four passengers and their luggage.
  • Carry a maximum of 1200 lbs of fuel plus cargo
  • Fly at a 95 knot block (planning speed)
  • Use 110 litres per hour and so have an endurance of about 3 hours (depending on the cargo).

For some background on the Bell Jet Ranger B3, why not follow the link.

What a Jet Ranger can’t do

  • Fly over 100 knots without a tailwind
    Jet Ranger stretcher

    The Bell authorized stretcher – ours!

  • Fly for longer than 3 hours (maximum radius of action = 500 km/285 nautical miles).

We tell you these things because we believe in integrity.  See our values.

Our Jet Ranger can also

  • Carry a stretcher, which we have – see opposite.
  • Is able to carry under-slung loads, but it is not yet configured for this.
  • Can train pilots – she has dual controls, which we do not normally fit.
  • Conduct visual surveys after disasters or for power lines, or for mining work.
  • Lift light cargo from the place of your choice to any legal target destination.
  • Take your VIP passengers to any legal destination of your choice.

We also have a team of people who can help you make choices about your helicopter needs in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.