Our work in Southern Africa since 2008

A part of the research into the foundation of the company was a Mozambique survey.

2008 Mozambique survey

Pilot Clive Langmead and the R44 on our Mozambique survey in 2008

Powered Flight chartered a helicopter to allow us to fly 3000 km to survey the south and central parts of Mozambique.  We bow to others, but think this is one of the longest tourist helicopter rides for a while!

If you are interested in us helping you helicopter based tourism why not look at what we do.

Our Pilot was Clive Langmead, a former BBC producer and both a fixed wing and a helicopter pilot. He is a great supporter of ours.

Clive Langmead helped our CEO, Adrian Nance, to identify the key issues in helicopter operations over Mozambique.  This Mozambique survey required a proper investigation of all aviation issues.  Clearances, weather, fuel supplies, security and air traffic control issues are all important.  However, perhaps the most important thing was seeing our allies in the country.

Our allies – a key part of the Mozambique survey

A remarkable part of our service is the links we have with our allies on the ground.   We have people who can provide an import/export service, pilots and an aviation licencing service.  All staffed locally.

Since the survey we have made more links.  A British doctor who is fluent in Portuguese is on our Advisory Board.  A friend with 4×4 is based in Beira.  Allies run a farm on the Beira/Chimoio road.

We are delighted that one of the key parts of good operations over Mozambique are the people on the ground who can  support your work.  We have such a network.

We also learned many lessons about which is the best sort of helicopter for this sort of flying.